Future proof your accounting practice using Accounteer. Collaborate in real time with your clients, save time and provide better financial insights.

What is Accounteer?

Accounteer is a cloud accounting platform for small businesses. We enable business owners to be in charge of their finances. Our platform features online invoicing, bank reconciliation, reports, a digital document archive and much more.

Accounteer is not only there for business owners. It’s there for accountants too. Our platform integrates with third parties like banks, e-invoicing services and online payment gateways connecting businesses and accountants to an ever growing financial web.

Advantages for accountants


With Accounteer you work on a single ledger. You and your clients has access to the same data at all time. You can exchange documents, create tasks and discuss the financials. You can track request made by your clients so you can respond in time and make sure you bill any services rendered.

Increase efficiency

Online collaboration ensures a consistent flow of work coming in. There are no more peeks of documents that come in a batch, and need to be processed instantaneously. Accounteer also pre-processes documents and bank statements and automatically suggesting the appropriate accounting entries.

Focus on advisory services

Accounteer processes most documents and transactions automatically and your clients can do most of the coding themselves. Therefore, you can focus on the more rewarding work and become a strategic advisor for your clients.

Strengthen you brand

Existing users looking for a financial advisor can browse our directory where you can promote your practice and services. As an official partner you have the option to customize the look and feel of Accounteer to match the style of your brand.



Partner program

We believe in mutual beneficial long term partnerships. Accounteer provides you with the tools and services to skyrocket your accounting practice.


Training program

We provide a free training program to you staff to make them real power users and leverage all functionalities to the maximum.

Conversion service

Our conversion service imports all existing client data into our platform regardless of the source. Migrating to Accounteer is a hassle free experience. Feel free to test our service on a limited number of files and scale up once you’re sure we are the perfect fit for your accounting practice.


You will get a dedicated account manager that understands your needs and is there to support at all times. We listen to your requests and challenges and add new features to our service on a continuous basis based on the feedback we receive.