Accounteer for banks and financial institutions

Become a key player in the interconnected financial web. Create new opportunities in a digital era and support small business owners in growing their organisations.


What is Accounteer?

Accounteer is a cloud accounting platform for small businesses. It is our mission to empower business owners and let them be in charge of their finances, without requiring them to be financial wizards. We do this by offering an intuitive online platform that guides users through the administrative processes. Accounteer dematerializes documents and automatically processes as much as possible. At Accounteer we believe the whole financial supply chain should be interconnected. We invest heavily in integrating all the partners involved, of which banks and financial institutions are at the heart.


Why integrate?

Integrating with Accounteer strengthens your brand and client relationships. Users demand access to their data at anytime from anywhere and expect systems to work together seamlessly. By integrating with Accounteer you show that you care about their needs.

At Accounteer we believe in strong, long-term partnerships. We work together with you to make the integration process go as smoothly as possible. We work together as a team to find new opportunities and grow the partnership.


Plenty of ways to integrate

bank feed

Bank feeds

Bank feeds enable users to automatically retrieve bank statements in their accounting system. Gone are the days of copying paper bank statements.


bank feed

Batch payments

With batch payments users can send payment requests from Accounteer to your online bank where they can approve them.


bank feed

Instant activation

Users can activate their bank feeds through your online bank. There will be no more need to process mandates on paper, thus reducing the cost of administration and giving the user a seamless experience.


bank feed

Data exchange

By integrating with Accounteer you can get access to complete and rich accounting data. This enables new services and offerings, e.g., performing a credit check in seconds rather than days, or proposing new products to clients based on their financial profile. You will gain full insight into the performance and characteristics of an organization, as opposed to the limited snapshot that traditional financial statements offer. We also provide a set of KPI’s, like credit rating and solvability, that you can use to classify accounts without the need to set up your own analytics platform.


bank feed

Digital Bank Confirmations

Does your bank also receive a mass of balance confirmation requests? Now you can digitize the process through our online portal. Auditors and accountants will love the speed at which they can have balances confirmed and the ease of getting confirmations in a digital format. For you as a bank there is no cost involved in the whole process, only savings. You don’t need to process the letters received, print out the confirmations and send them back via the post. The whole process is done automatically.


Leverage Accounteer as a service

Attract new customers

Offer Accounteer as a free welcome gift to new customers. E.g. a free one-year subscription when they open a business account. And what is a gift for your customers is also a gift for you. There’s no cost for the financial institution. Who can say no to that?

Increase customer loyalty

Combine cloud accounting and financial services in a business package to improve customer retention. In this scenario the online accounting component is free or at a largely reduced price for the business as long as they remain customer with your organization

White label

In case you don’t want to affiliate yourself with a third party or you want to differentiate as a unique organization offering a unique service we offer Accounteer as a white label product. The complete web interface and mobile app can be tailored to match your brand.


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