Develop new innovative products and services for businesses worldwide on top of the Accounteer platform.

What is Accounteer?

Accounteer is a cloud accounting solution for small businesses. We make accounting understandable for business owners who are most of the time no financial wizards. Our solution automates much of the accounting process, reliving entrepreneurs of the administrative burden, increasing the time available to grow their business.

accounteer for developers

Why become an Accounteer developer?

Developers are the core of our platform. The need for features differs for different types of businesses. That’s why Accounteer is developed as a modular platform. Accounteer offers the basic accounting and management functionalities. Developers can build easily new services on top of this platform. We offer an easy to use API and offer support to get you started in no time.

Developers platform

Starting a new business as a developer is not easy. You need to develop a product, provision infrastructure, setup a business and billing system, market your product etc. At Accounteer we want to make it easier for starting developers to grow their business on top of our platform.


Promote your product through our marketplace and quickly gain visibility. We also provide free in app suggestions of additional services to our existing users.


Developers receive sandbox environments where they can develop and test new applications with ease.


When you have developed a paid add-on or integration you have the option to sell it through Accounteer. The end user will be billed directly on the Accounteer invoice and we’ll pass the earnings to you. Using this service eliminates the need of setting up your own billing system and handling the compliance of selling to an international audience.

Guidance and support

We’ve got your back when developing new applications for the Accounteer platform. We have a dedicated support team that is there to answer all your questions no matter how technical they are.