At Accounteer we love the startup community. We are there to help new entrepreneurs grow their business.

Starting a new business is not easy. Your need to come up with a great idea. Develop your product or service. Assemble a team of likeminded enthusiasts. And more importantly you need to turn your idea into a profitable and sustainable business. This is easier said than done. You need some financial expertise and spend quite some time on keeping your administration up to date. This is where Accounteer steps in. We automate much of the financial workflow and provide you with out of the box business insights, so that business owners can focus on growing their organization.

To help startups we’ve developed a specialized offering for Incubators. From one centralized view you can follow up on the progress of all members. We provide a set of KPI’s so that help you guide the organizations under your wings and spot any financial issues in time.

Incubators that offer accounting assistance can now manage all accounts from one place. You can collaborate in real time with the teams and everyone will have access to up to date figures at all times.