Accounteer for telecom

Discover the opportunities Accounteer has to offer for the telecom sector. Learn how our service helps you to acquire new customers, improve customer retention and build strong long-lasting customer relationships.

What is Accounteer?

Accounteer is a cloud accounting application for small businesses. We make accounting understandable for business owners who are often not financial experts and reduce the administrative burden. Accounteer connects business owners to an ever growing financial web by integrating with services like e-invoicing, mobile payments and e-commerce.


Benefits for telecom operators

Attract new customers

Use Accounteer as a marketing instrument to acquire new customers. E.g. offer a free one-year subscription when a new user signs up for a business account. This incentive comes at no cost for the telecom operator. Yes, that’s rights. It’s completely free.

Increase customer loyalty

Bind customers to your brand and reduce the churn rate by offering Accounteer in a business package. In this scenario online accounting services are offered as a bundle. This increases the cost for a business to switch operators.

Expand your services

Margins on traditional telecom products are under pressure. Operators are therefore transforming themselves to broad service providers offering products like hosting, media, business applications and much more. Why don’t you add cloud accounting to your business offering?

Increase usage of mobile payments

Accounteer can integrate seamlessly with online payments and mobile wallets increasing the business use of such services. Integrating is easy. We make sure you get a dedicated team of developers that facilitate the interfacing. No large investments are required from your side.

White label

In case you don’t want to affiliate yourself with a third party product or if you want to put an operator branded product in the market we also offer Accounteer as a white label solution. This allows you to distinguish yourself as a unique an innovative telecom operator.


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