Online accounting for Entrepreneurs

You don’t have to be a financial expert to be in control of your finances. Keeping your administration up to date with Accounteer is fun and easy.

What is Accounteer?

Accounteer is a cloud accounting platform for small businesses. Business owners can create invoices, track expenses and follow up on their finances with ease. Accounteer integrates with external services like banks, e-invoicing platforms and e-commerce. Future proof your business today by subscribing for a free Accounteer trial account.

Some of our most favored features


Create sales invoices and offers with ease. With a few simple clicks you can create your documents and send them digitally to your contacts reducing both time and cost. Using our out of the box reports you can easily track your receivables and make sure you get paid in time.

Bank Reconciliation

By reconciling bank transactions with your sales and expenses you are sure that every transaction is recorded and your administration is always up to date. Accounteer makes this process easier than ever. You can simply upload you bank statements in an electronic format and we’ll match them against your invoices and expenses. We also offer direct bank feeds for a growing number of bank where we automatically fetch the bank statements for you overnight. While you are sleeping we perform some magic.


Keep track of your expenses. You can upload or email your invoices and expenses directly to your online administration. By attaching documents to your transaction you’ll have a complete up to date digital archive.


ou can access your account at any time, from anywhere and from any device. You can create invoices and follow up on payments using your smartphone. Want to add an expense? Simply take a picture and it is added to your account ready to be processed.


In case you need some assistance, we got your back. Every subscription includes unlimited free support. You’ll find a lot of information in our knowledge base and how-to guides. You can also contact our support team that is there for you to answer any questions around the clock. Even when you don’t run into problems we’d love to hear from you. Based on your feedback we add and tweak features on a continuous basis. So let us know what you love, or like to see different and we’ll make using Accounteer and even better experience.


Our platform allows an unlimited number of users to the same account so that you can collaborate with colleagues. If you have an accountant or financial advisor, they can use Accounteer too.